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Yo home skillets!

It’s been a while. At least, it feels like it’s been a while. Life’s been super up and down for me lately and I’ve had to make some tough decisions. As many of you know, I’ve been unwell as of late: an ultrasound showed a mass on my left ovary, and blood test revealed elevated tumor markers. I collapse a lot and I’m very weak, leaving me unable to work a standard 9:00-5:00 job at the moment. I’m resting most of the day and I can’t really go outside. While I’m pretty disheartened about my current health issues, this does give me more time to sit at the computer, watch anime and work on this blog.

Currently, I have two goals:

  1. Get healthier
  2. Create better, more regular content, grow this community and accumulate some funding to help cover medical expenses, cat food and streaming services.

I’ve decided to create a Patreon account as a step towards completing those two goals. My hope is to expand my blog into videos, streams, cosplays and even create my own merchandise line. This would help my little otaku community grow, and support me on my journey to getting better. If you like my content and want to see more of me, Zelda and Link, please consider becoming one of my patreons!

I love you guys. Thanks for being a great community.

Watch on, Annieme-niac!

Annie, Zelda and Link

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