June Challenge!

Hey everyone!

I thought it would be fun to set up a little challenge for this month! My rules are that these must be anime series, or shows, and that I can only use a given title once. So don’t worry: I won’t be putting Noragami for every day! Each day I’ll choose and write about an anime(s) to the corresponding prompt. Some days this may be a list (in which case, I’ll be allowed to have repeats, though I will strive not to). Other times it may include a character study or an analysis of a specific portion of plot. Some of the prompts are very straightforward, while others are pretty abstract. I’ll put some notes to help clarify the obscure ones down below.

Today’s is when’s the next season, a post you can find here.

Happy watching!





3.) an anime that’s different from anything else you have seen.

6.) could mean that the show is idiotic, a character is, or just a character that says “baka” alot.

8.) best ship, basically.

10.) A kontatsu is one of those heated tables with a blanket, like this one:

Image result for anime kotatsu gif

So a cozy anime, or one that has a scene with one in it.

14.) a character dies. Or, it’s ambiguous and you really hope they aren’t dead.

15.) similar to 10. An anime that makes you feel how you feel after eating a good bowl of ramen.

20.) similar to 6, in that it can be the entire series or in reference to something specific like a character or plot device.

25.) Good luck, or do your best.

26.) romance anime

28.) anime you’ve dropped

30.) anime that blurs genre lines, tropes and stereotypes.

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