It’s too dangerous to go alone… Take this!: Top 8 sidekicks

What makes a good sidekick? Friendship, loyalty, strength and resolve are some of the most prized characteristics of a good supporting character for our protagonists. They generally have louder personalities, provide guidance and compassion, leading the main characters to growth and development. Here are my eight favorite side kicks to date. What are yours?



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One part fuzzy cat, one part badass spirit, Nyanko-sensei from Natsume’s Book of Friends is an obvious choice. He accompanies Natsume on various trips, providing him support and acting as a mentor in the world of yokai.


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Serious and justice-centered, this cyborg may just be the epitome of sidekick. He practically worships Saitama, and if not, he at least admires and respects him. While strong, he is no match for our protagonist, and often sings his praises. The two have a senior/junior relationship, leading to clear roles and fighting tactics.


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Similar to Nyanko-sensei in the fact he often provides insight to Mob and chastises him for getting involved with unnecessary things. This green blob saves him in the second season, displaying his care for Mob as well as his strength against other spirits.


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Kuro, another cute cat-demon, comes from Blue Exorcist. After his former master dies, Kuro takes a liking to Rin and the two become pretty inseparable throughout two seasons.


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It was a difficult choice between Kazuma and Yukine here. However, Kazuma is so clutch for Bishamon. His commitment to Veena transforms him into a blessed vessel, and his ability is crucial for her success as a God.


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While Morgiana’s character arc can ring a bit Mary-Sue, her fighting prowess and loyalty to Alibaba earns her solid points as a sidekick. And let’s just say her side kick isn’t too bad, either.


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A once assassin/rogue/thief turns over a new leaf when he begins work for the second prince of Clarines. Obi is lithe, strong and highly intelligent. While his motives aren’t entirely known, Zen trusts him with protecting Shirayuki, this love.


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A fierce dragon becomes a maid when saved by a human. Tohru’s devotion to Kobayashi is apparent, as is her power. She does everything she can to protect Kobayashi and serve her well throughout the series and the two develop a close bond.


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