Day Four: Notice Me, Senpai!

Today’s prompt leads to an anime that’s sparked many a debate: Kiss Him, Not Me! I’m sorry to disappoint, but we’re not going to dig into that debate today, folks. Instead, we’re focusing on the goal at hand: youngsters adoring their upper classmen! Specifically, we’re going to be looking at Hayato Shinomiya, a first year high schooler with a big crush on Serinuma-san.

Image result for kiss him not me gif

Unlike the other suitors, Shinomiya doesn’t have a stand-out trait of attractiveness. He’s not super buff or strong, nor his he assertive, charismatic or rich. While we can look at him and admire his tsundere stubbornness, his gentle, clumsy and reasonable nature with a certain amount of charm, he certainly doesn’t regard these as strengths. Throughout the series, he’s a step behind our other characters, constantly calling out to Serinuma for attention. That’s all I can say without giving away too many spoilers!


What about you? What are your meme-worthy choices?

Watch on, annieme-niac!




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