Day Seven: Best Weapon

Today’s prompt can be broken down into two categories, really. The first is physical, crafted weapons while the second is people who can turn into weapons. I’ve got one of each to talk about today, so let’s see what give my picks the edge over the competition!

Ryuko’s Scissor blade

Kill La Kill

Image result for scissor blade gif

The first choice surprises no one, really. Ryuko’s scissor blade is one of the coolest weapons in all of anime. Blood read and badass, the transforming blade is nothing short of an iconic piece, adding to the haughtiness to her commanding nature. This item has several modes, my personal favorite being “Decapitation Mode”, where the crescent-shaped hilt extends into a longer two handled sword as scene in the gif above.

The blade has the ability to cut through Goku uniforms and other pieces made of hardened life fibers. The above video demonstrates turning a box full of regular scissors into an amazing metal sword. My poor weeb heart is having severe palpitations.


Soul Eater Evans

Soul Eater

Image result for soul eater anime gif

My second pick is a lad who was born into a family of famous musicians, and becomes a demon scythe. Soul becomes a death’s weapon after claiming a witch’s soul. Additionally, he earns the title “Death’s Last Weapon”.  His partnership with meister Maka Albarn is full of lovely moments and is backed by unwavering trust in each other.

Image result for soul eater evans anime gif

Soul’s other special abilities include resonance and black blood. Both of these abilities pose challenges to Soul while he fights, granting him immense power but requiring considerable control.


That’s all for today!

Watch on, annieme-niacs!


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