Day Eleven: I didn’t think I’d cry

This post contains spoilers.

While there are a lot of tear-jerking moments in anime, the majority of those moments are limited to deaths of characters. Y’all know I sobbed like a baby at She and Her Cat. But for this post, I’ve refrained from using any direct deaths, but rather focused on grief surrounding the lost of something precious.


4. Tsumugi’s Realization

Sweetness and Lightning

I’ve talked quite a bit about Sweetness and Lightning. Sorry, not sorry. It’s a brilliant slice of life that needs more love. I mentioned this particular scene in my review, which you can read here, but it’s a moment that perfectly embodies childhood grief. While it has been some time since Tsumugi’s mother’s passing, there are moments when the pain of losing her comes back and hits Tsumugi tenfold. In this case, it’s after she realizes she will never have her mother’s cooking ever again. That hits pretty close to home. BRB I gotta get the tissues.


3. Ed’s Goodbye

Cowboy Bebop

Image result for Ed's goodbye cowboy bebop

Regardless of how you view Spike’s status at the end of Cowboy Bebop, we can’t dispute the fact that Ed said goodbye, and that it brought massive pangs to our hearts. She doesn’t do so in person— if she did, she’d likely never leave the crew. Her farewell is very unmistakably Ed. All this to Steve Conte’s “Call Me” leaves us gutted. Jet’s made all these eggs, and there’s only two people to eat them. Spike leaves Ed’s pinwheel taped to the Bebop’s bow…. HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG


2. Night of the Chimera’s Cry

Full Metal Alchemist

Image result for full metal alchemist nina gif

Unlike many of my fellow anime watchers, I believe one needs to watch both FMA and FMAB to get a greater picture for the series as a whole. Why? The earlier scenes in FMA were handled better. I don’t think there’s a Fullmetal fan out there who doesn’t get triggered by this scene, or what happens to Nina and her beloved four-legged friend. Our heartstrings are playing ‘Jupiter’, and we’re filled with anguish and betrayl. The two episodes of build up make the scene more heart-wrenching, and give it an edge over it’s successor’s one-episode wallop.


1. Komugi’s Injury

Hunter x Hunter

Related image

Image result for meruem komugi gif

Finally, after the Hunters launch their attack on the Chimera Ants’ nest, Komugi is caught in the Dragon’s Dive fire, leaving her critically injured. Meruem’s reaction is one of the most powerful poignant pieces in animation. This is a being that is supposed to represent the pinnacle of strength and evolution— unwavering ruthlessness and superiority over all beings. However, his apparent gentleness and intense care for Komugi is one of the most profoundly moving representations of love and humanness I have ever seen in anime. I won’t dig into it too much, as I’m saving him for a later prompt but man… My eyes are swollen.

That’s all for today!

Watch on, annieme-niac!


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