3 anime series that feel like a good bowl of ramen

Arguably one of the most satisfying feelings for me is a nice bowl of ramen on a cold day. Personally, I go for a miso ramen with corn, mushrooms, shoots and a boiled egg. In my family, we show our love in food and cooking, and whenever I’m feeling sick, tired, or just plain sad, I reach for foods that make me feel at home.

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Similarly to our cozy anime, this prompt oozes comfort. A hunker-down cause it’s raining outside, so lets eat and watch shows kind of prompt. Where this one personally differs from kontatsu is that there’s a surprising depth lurking beneath it. We’re talking feel good, yeah, but also richness. Something that leaves us with full bellies and equally full hearts.

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So, without further delay, here are three series I love that feel like a good bowl of ramen in one way or another!

Poco’s Udon World

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Perhaps the go-to choice for this prompt would be a feel-good anime with some brief bitter bits mixed in. Poco’s Udon World features a 30-something guy who loses his father and gains a tankui son, learning to balance grief and love, the pains of reminiscing and joys of sharing new experiences. Surprisingly, it ain’t about the udon, so don’t be deceived.

Naruto / Naruto Shippuden

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One of the icons of the anime world– and admittedly, a source for a lot of meme-worthy stereotypes– lies with our ramen boi Naruto. This series has a lot to offer, honestly. There’s a hearty commitment to world building, intense characterization, and captivating plot points— all necessary components for a satisfying anime. The show is, however, bogged down by too many episodes, and like a bowl of ramen, can leave me feeling uncomfortably bloated. I’d prescribe looking up the wiki to see which episodes you can flat-out skip.

Kino’s Journey

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This series offers us many layers of experiences. Slice of life, science-fiction/fantasy, action…. the mixing of genres provide unexpected depth and astuteness. It offers a strong but silent vibe with bursts of satire, leading to a very satisfying show worthy of watching in gulps.


That’s all for me. Thanks for reading!

Watch on, annie-meniac!







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