Challenge | November 2019: Sports Anime!

Yo, peeps!

Like Keiko, I’ll be taking up Mel‘s Sports Anime Challenge for the month! They’ll probably be some repeats, because I haven’t seen that many series.

Sports Anime Challenge

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited! And don’t worry, I’ll be writing some more pieces that are outside of the genre, as well! (;

The Prompts, yo:

  1. First Sport Anime You Watched
  2. First Favorite Sport Anime Character or Anime Crush
  3. Favorite Sport Anime
  4. Favorite Anime Character or Anime Crush
  5. Favorite Team
  6. Favorite Sport Anime Female Character
  7. Least Favorite Sport Anime Character
  8. Least Favorite Team
  9. Least Favorite Sport Anime Female Character
  10. Favorite Sport Anime Friendship
  11. Favorite Sport Anime OTP
  12. Favorite Sport Anime Minor Character
  13. Favorite Player That Is Not a First String
  14. Favorite Captain
  15. Favorite Sport Anime Megane
  16. Favorite Ace
  17. Favorite Coach
  18. Favorite Manager
  19. Favorite Non-Player Character
  20. Favorite Team Rival
  21. Favorite Match
  22. Least Favorite Match
  23. Favorite Moment
  24. Least Favorite Moment
  25. Saddest Moment
  26. Favorite Technique
  27. Favorite Team Color
  28. Favorite Opening
  29. Favorite Ending
  30. Sport Anime Crossover You Would Like to See


Image result for sports ANIME gif

Never seen a sports anime? Read why I love them here, or watch the video here!

Watch on, Annime-niac!


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