Challenge | Sports Anime: Day 4

Favorite Anime Character

Akane “Prince” Kashiwazaki, Run with the Wind

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There are some characters that just get you on a fundamental level, and Prince is definitely that character to me. He doesn’t want to run, or compete, but when his collection of manga and relocation are threatened, he laces up his sneakers and heads out with the team.

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He doesn’t possess an athletic bone in his body. He wears snarky shirts, one of my favorites says “why?” on it. He’s so slow, it’s actually painful to watch him run throughout the series. But eventually, he improves his form by holding a manga volume in each hand. Kiyose will run ahead of him holding some manga open so that Prince can read while he runs.

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He frequently makes allusions to the great sports anime protagonists, siting Hinata and Kuroko among others. Against all odds, Prince improves and qualifies. He’s still slow. He’s still painful to watch. But it’s also really inspiring to see him work so hard at something he doesn’t enjoy.

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And it’s inspiring how his friends support and encourage him during this time.

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Well said, my dear. Well said.


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