Wednesday Watch |28 Nov – 4 Dec 2019

Y’all we made it through Thanksgiving, some of us heavier than when we started. A moment of silence for all of the jeans which cannot be fit into at this time.


In other news….

It’s   D E C E M B E R

And with the start of a new month, I’ve been watching some new shows and returning to some old ones. Three picks for this week.


Pick of the Week:

Space Brothers

episodes: 1-26

Image result for space brothers crunchyroll

What’s with me and watching amazing series recently? I don’t get it. I’m really picky and rarely give out nines and tens, but another series earned the honor! Space Brothers is incredible for so many reasons. It kinda reminds me of Haikyuu!! but instead of volleyball it’s space. Also the setting is 2025 and the protagonist is a 32-year old man.

The little details are awesome, including intentional English misspellings when they go to America. No smorking in the lobby, please. Thank you for waitting. It’s brilliant. There’s also great kick-downs of the fourth wall, superb animation, pacing and soundtrack. Check out these two OPs:

I mean, what’s not to love?


Death Note

episodes: 33-37

Image result for death note cover

I’ll say that I watched the first 32 to episodes in 2016, and was so disappointed and upset that I stopped…. for three years. Yup, after three years, I’ve finally finished this series. That’s some completionist commitment, I tell you.  Despite having one of my favorite characters, L, the series is in my opinion overhyped and overrated. But I’ll save those reasons for a review.


Fruits Basket (2019)

Season One

Image result for fruits basket 2019 crunchyroll

Where were you when you watched the first episode of the original Fruits Basket? I was in my first year at college, and after hearing how all of my friends had seen this series and raved about it, I decided to give it a shot. My take? It was alright.

Now, seven years later, a second version has come out. I was so nervous and hesitant to start this series not because the original FB meant anything special to me, but because I detested Tohru as a character. I might get a lot of hate for that but so be it: I didn’t like Tohru. I thought she was one of the weakest protagonists in anime, and I thought she was boring, and she annoyed me to no end.

Image result for fruits basket never give up gif
There’s nothing wrong with crying. There’s nothing wrong with being positive. Tohru’s just aggravating while doing those things. 

I’m happy to report that Tohru wasn’t nearly as intolerable. They didn’t change her character, mind you. She’s still a clueless ditz, but she’s more believable. Probably because she doesn’t seem so over the top with her “never give up” mantra and all that.

Related image

To disappoint, Shigure doesn’t sing about high school girls, so there are some negatives:

Image result for fruits basket never gif up gif
RIP my comic relief

Overall, it was a watch. I gave it a 3.5/5.


Time to go back to space bros now.

Image result for uchuu kyoudai gif

Watch on, Annieme-niac!


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