Resources & Recommendations | 5 Calming Spotify Playlists

Image result for anime cozy winter gifYo homeskillets (:

I hope you’re having a snugglified Saturday full of anime, cats and tea!

When I was in college, I would often find myself on theses dreary and dark days reaching for calm music, a lit candle, a cat cuddle and a cuppa. There was something so  tranquil and peaceful about that aesthetic—something so right and warm and comforting. It was home, or at least, it was the home I desperately wanted.

I’ve put together a small list of Spotify playlists that I use  to settle into a calm mindset. Most don’t have words or lyrics and are mainly instrumentals or acoustic pieces. Some are anime-related, some aren’t. Give them a listen and see what you think!

Vinyl feel without the price?

Image result for anime vinyl gif

Before we jump in, I’d like to recommend Vinylfied, an online version of crackles and pops for your feel-good vinyl needs without spending all that moolah. Seriously, I think last time I checked the Howl’s Moving Castle record was like over $500. Who has money for that, really?

So yeah, while playing the pops in the background makes me seem like a total hipster wanna-be, it’s also practical and the aesthetic feels nice.

Music of Studio Ghibli

Emily Marie McSwain

My go-to. I’ve listened to this playlist for close to 6 or 7 years now, and it’s my pick if I want to do anything involving concentration or creativity. A must for my writing life.

Related image

Anime Acoustic Covers

Jeriah Soh

Craving anime with a more acoustic feel? This playlist has you covered. Get it? Cause they’re covers? bwahaha.

Image result for anime acoustic guitar gif

Peaceful Piano



One of my most-played playlists. I would listen to this with my noise-canceling headphones whenever I couldn’t sleep or was having an anxiety attack. For real, I’d just turn the lights of and listen to this, and I’d start to feel a bit more centered.

Image result for anime piano gif

Ambient Sleeping Pill


Trouble falling asleep? Need to calm down and get some rest? This might be the ticket for you!

Related image



The previous two playlists had a baby! Ambient piano bits for all your sleepy needs.

Image result for anime sleep gif


That’s all for today!

With smiles,



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