Crafts | Yor Forger’s Red Sweater Dress

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been knitting a lot on my twitch streams. We’ve made gloves and mittens, hats and cowls, stuffed animals and blankets, ponchos and scarves, and my biggest project to date – a sweater dress inspired by Yor Forger from SPY x FAMILY!

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Ever since I saw her red sweater dress, I knew I wanted one of my very own. The back’s cutout and the off the shoulder neckline were simply stunning. I mean just look at this:

Anya and Yor dancing twirl

But when I searched online, all I found were these low-quality cosplay outfits, which were fine, but I wanted something a bit more special. Something that looked like a real sweater, and something that I could wear in public proudly as the season’s have finally started to get colder.

I tried to find a pattern that featured a cutout like this, but to no avail. So I ended up making up the entire thing as I went along, looking at various images and videos for inspiration and to get a feel of the general shape. Here’s one of the images:

Yor from a manga cover

I ended up knitting everything as separate panels. Beginning with the front, then three back panels that I ended up sewing together, and finally the sleeves. Prior to doing the sleeves, the dress was so baggy and the back panel didn’t lay flat at all. I was crushed. I ended up facing whether to start all over again. I figured it couldn’t hurt to add the sleeves anyway, and once I did, the piece finally came together. Here’s what it looked like in the end:

And that’s it! I’m pretty proud of the result and the fact I persevered through the difficult moments. The entire process took about three streams to complete, roughly four hours each, plus another extra two hours or so sewing it up. Eventually I might even do a cosplay once I have the wig.

Are you excited for the second cour? That Bump of Chicken OP is absolutely stunning! Let me know what you think of it and my sweater dress in the comments below!

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