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Hello, Peeps!

Last we chatted, I foreshadowed that I had something in the works for a SPY x FAMILY cosplay. And one fine Saturday morning I decided it was time. We were graced with a day where it wasn’t supposed to rain, only partly cloudy, so I trudged out the door armed with my camera and a tripod. To no one’s surprise, I can’t afford to have my photograph taken professionally, nor do I really have many friends in the area, and even the ones I do have, I don’t feel comfortable in asking them take photos of me — the pictures come out so stiff, and I also feel like I’m wasting their time.

I used a remote control transmitter — which, granted, didn’t work very well. it took several tries of pressing and half-pressing a button to get the shots to take — and I did the best I could. That’s why, if you look very closely, one of my hands is always out of view. Maybe a different brand would have been better, but alas, I used what I had. For the photos, I think I used a 1/200 shutter speed with F2.0 and auto ISO. I’m not a photographer, so I don’t know if these settings are even good for portraits. However, I’m pretty proud of how the shots came out.

We all know where my red sweater came from, so no need to mention that again. If, however, you missed my last post talking about my creation of this piece, you can read it here! For those wanting to know, here’s a breakdown of what I’m wearing and where I got them from.

The wig I got off of amazon after looking through a lot of reviews. As you guys know, I’m pretty new to cosplay, so I needed something that was easy to work with and would need minimal styling. I think I ended up straightening the long bits, but in hindsight this wasn’t necessary. The bangs were admittedly quite long, and I didn’t cut them for fear of ruining the whole thing. Instead, I just swept them to the side and it turned out okay. Ultimately a big thumbs up. I think it ended up photographing beautifully and looked natural, which is the ideal.

The headband I got from Etsy, but the shop I ordered it from is no longer selling it. Unfortunately, the headband runs big, so I can’t wear it on it’s own without the wig. There are other sellers with it out there, so just keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find one you’ll be happy with.

The earrings I found on Etsy, and were on sale! They’re heavier than they look and have a solid weight to them. My only gripe is that they’re really hard to take on and off. Maybe that’s just because I’m inept at putting on the type of hoop closure they are. They make different closures, though, so be sure to get the kind you want! I’d probably go with the same ones, since I think they look the most authentic.

The black bandeau is from Cosabella. This is a lot more expensive than your average bandeau, but there’s a reason for that. Personally, I need something with a bit more support, especially if I’m going to be wearing this for the majority of the day. Cosabella is a brand I know and trust — they’re one of the few companies who make lingerie for people with smaller frames while having larger busts. This was the most expensive item on this list, and if you can, you can definitely look for alternatives. There are a lot of them out there!

My boots came from Macy’s, and yes, I bought a pair of boots specifically for this cosplay, sue me. I’ve always wanted a pair of taupe booties and these were surprisingly supportive. I didn’t even have to break them in. Hear me out, these are perfect for autumn and are on sale! (I’m making excuses to buy myself a pair of shoes, aren’t I… oh dear.)

I think I ended up spending the better part of the morning getting ready, than the majority of the afternoon shooting. Taking 5 or 6 shots before running back to the tripod to see if they turned out okay. I made note of where I was standing or sitting, so I could go back to that spot once the focus was set. My only gripe with this whole thing is that I had to go through a different vendor to get my colored contacts to arrive in time, and the ones that showed up made my sight really blurry, despite them being prescription. My Honeycolor ones came in this week, so maybe I’ll do another small shoot before the year is over.

I mentioned this before, but if you’re interested in chilling with me while listening to smooth jazz, you’re more than welcome to stop by my streams. I mainly knit, sometimes in cosplay, and most of the people there just lurk rather than actively chat. There’s no pressure be vocal while hanging out — it’s just something I’ve found nice and relaxing after a long week, and I wanted to share that with you.

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How are y’all liking SPY x FAMILY? I think I’m not enjoying it as much as the first cour, but I’m not really sure. Still is a banger of an anime, though. If you’re not watching it, I’d definitely give it a go!

Watch on, Annieme-niac!


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P.S. Link also dressed up as Anya

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