About Annie

Hi there, I’m Annie.


Lover of cats, puns, and anime!

Anime is my obsession, and when I told my brother I had finished watching my fifth series that week, he suggested I write an anime blog! Lo and behold, this page was born! All obsessed otakus are welcome here– from romance to action, slice of life to sci-fi, drama to comedy, I watch it all and talk about it all.

My love for anime began with Sailor MoonDragon Ball Z, and Avatar: the Last Airbender. However,  at the time I just thought I was watching a show–a cartoon– and nothing more. The first anime I watched and thought this is special; this is anime was Full Metal Alchemist, almost 10 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! Since then, I’ve seen over 100 different series and thousands of episodes (Completing One Piece in couple months alone was enough to bump up my experience as a die-hard otaku)! Read more about how anime changed my life in my blog post, My Anime Story . Check out my Reviews for an in-depth perspective on different shows. I review based on the following:

  • Characterization: are they round characters or flat? Do they seem realistic? Are they interesting? Do they grow?
  • Plot: the events themselves–the story itself
  • Pacing: the timeliness of the plot’s execution and character growth arcs
  • Authenticity: how well the anime delivers what it is marketed as.
  • Realism: to what extent the plot events make sense given the setting in which the anime operates.


Meet Zelda Sparrow, my anime accomplice!


Zelda is my feisty feline who makes frequent appearances in my YouTube videos and Twitch  streams. She loves cuddling up and watching a good show, and has been known to sample both my ice cream and tea when I’m not looking. Don’t let her petite form fool you– she’s a fierce warrioress… and her favorite anime is Death Note.


Together, we combine to bring you honest and heartfelt anime commentary. This place is a safe space, and we hope to offer some insight into this medium we love.



Thanks for stopping by!

See you, Space Cowboy,