Amanchu! Advance – Episodes 1-12 Review

"In a deserted classroom in the afternoon. During the middle of golden week. The sounds of the baseball club practicing in the distance melts into our silence. The usual classroom, but not quite the same...rather, it's as if we're in an alternate dimension." – Futaba (Teko) Ooki

Amanchu!: Season One – Episodes 1-12 Review

When you're in the sea, you can only hear your breathing at first, and then, little by little, that sound slowly melts into the water. And eventually, you can't tell between your body and the sea itself. At that time, I would realize...all is born from the sea." – Hikari (Pikari) Kohinata

Yowamushi Pedal – Episodes 1-38 Review

What can I say, I'm a slut for a Sports Anime. So let's say, hypothetically speaking that watching anime in general is not my guilty pleasure. That's a fair statement, actually. Anime isn't my guilty pleasure because I don't feel guilty when I watch it! Sports anime, however, is. I don't know why I love them so much. Is it... Continue Reading →

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